About Us



Sampurnam Seva Foundation was founded by Advocate TRUPTI SHRIKANT GAIKWAD(President). We work to collect all kinds of religious idols, photos, statues, brass, plastics, wood, books, texts, clothes, mandir, and photos of old people, perform utter puja. After doing utterpuja we recycle and upcycle them using modern techniques, without creating any kind of pollution.
Nashik in Maharashtra got in the news for a flood situation in 2019 when water was released from the Gangapur dam. After that flood, we thought of making a difference in a small way that could make a big impact globally. We started the research on recycling of different materials, equipped ourselves with necessary information and started implementing them . To begin with, we collected idols of various materials and segregated them. Later we treat them depending upon the material, and we upcycle or recycle them into various useful products.

To begin at first we collected idols and Segregated them and recycled them as per idols material.


The idols and statues of above forms are fed into machines to be converted into powder.these powders are sent to various industry to be use as raw materials.


We segregate various wooden frames and idols.according to the quality of the wooden materials  we receive we either shred it or upcycle it into various home décor products and games.

Fiber, Plastic, Metal

The treatment is different for metal,plastic and fiber idols, here they are broken down into granules and sent to various industry to be use as raw materials.


Some of the images in paper have thin layer of plastic coating, first they are removed manually and remaining papers are recycled in different forms.

Fabric, Ornaments

We also get fabric and Ornaments which are draped on the idols. Those fabrics are upcycled into colorful and aesthetic products that can be used in the both commercial and residential spaces.

In the last three years, we have seen a donation of over 80 tons of religious Idols and Images, which has contributed to our part of the Swachh Bharat mission by recycling and maintaining their values. At our foundation, we try hard to maintain a balance between our environment and our religious values. We come up with ideas to recycle them and move ahead, keeping our sentiments toward nature in mind. For conducting activities in Sampurnam, there are various expenses involved in paying for transportation, warehouse, and many more. 

Various famous news channels like-  “LOK SATTA, Gavkari, Divya Marathi, Loknama, Abn News, Ibn News, Doordarshan, Maharashtra Maza, Ibn Lokmat, zee news, Aaj Tak, Bhagwat Barshi, Radio Mirchi- Bangalore, Red FM- Nashik, 104 FM, Checkmate times, Pune mirror, Maharashtra times, Sakar ”  have taken the coverage of our work which remains a pushback for us because all these spread the importance and awareness of our work. We request you to donate to this noble cause which is striving for cleanliness in various aspects.


Our Aim is to Make the Environment Totally Clean Without Disrespecting Religious Sentiments.

Our Vision Is to Eradicate the Idea of Discarding old /broken/used Idols and Images Completely for the Betterment of Our Environment. This Vision, with Passion as Our Fuel, Helps Us in Committing to Our Goal of Preserving Our Habitat for Future Generations to Come.

The Religious Articles  need to be disposed  in the right way, otherwise people tend to place them in an irresponsible way in the surrounding, thus stopping pollution and disrespecting religious sentiments