President Message


“SAMPURNAM SEVA FOUNDATION” was established in august, 2019 with a great mission to do the responsibility which no one is taking care of our society. As we know how important the mandir of the house is, decorating it with photo frames with photos of deities is something of a ritual that every Indian household practices. The real problem arises when these idols get ruled over time and need to be discarded.
As they hold very important religious significance they can not be disposed of recklessly and thus end us being left under a tree. We come up with an elegant solution to this problem as we aim to recycle the religious artifacts that are discarded while taking care of the fact that it does not hurt the sentiments of people.
Our motive remains to recycle and upcycle the pictures of gods and goddesses which have been kept outside after puja. As it’s part of a very important responsibility we need the support of common people to spread awareness of the topic globally. Without the help of common people, it won’t be possible to fulfill the responsibility so we would be looking for the help of common people to understand the bigger responsibilities.