Our Activities


Collecting Photos of God

When It Comes to Our Faith or Beliefs Questions Are Seldom Raised. as Air and Water Pollution Is Becoming a Huge Problem for Our Atmosphere We Can’t Ignore the Matter. This Is Why We Organize a Campaign to Collect the Dumped Religious Material, Some of  Very Toxic and Bad for the environment After Collecting These We Focus on Recycling and Upcycling them. We invite More Volunteers to Take This Effort to Every Part of Our Country So We Can Make a Difference in Saving the Religious sentiments and Environment.

Women Empowerment

We Came Up with the Idea of Making Home Decor Products with Recycled Materials. It Was Started with the Focus of Creating Empowerment for Women Who Are Not Able to Work Outside Their Homes. We Train Them to Decorate and Paint the Items Which Will Enable Them to Earn Daily Wages and Give Them a sense of satisfaction for Being Self-Dependent.

Educating and Guiding Children

Our Focus Also Remains to Educate the Children Who Are Connected with Us and Give Them Encouragement to Be Self-Dependent in the Future. as Education Is a Very Important Aspect for a Better Future of Our Society We Aim for Overall Development Related to That Segment.

Swachh Bharat Campaign

We Work on the Swachh Bharat Campaign by Promoting Various Recycling of Pictures of Gods and Goddesses. We Do Paper Recycling Which Consists of the Upcycle of Gods’ Images and Stickers. Wood Recycling Consists of Reusing Laminated Frames That Are Reused by People Who Need Raw Wood. Plastic Recycling Is the Reprocessing of Plastic Idols into Something Useful Or/and Decorative. Pop Recycling, from Idols Made of Plaster of Paris, Is Powdered and Later Used as Raw Material When Needed. Glass Is Also Liquefied to Be Made into Glass.